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Slower and Garden 'Prints 

£ectures and Exhibitions 

Gordon Dunthorne 

3304 Tl Street, lOashington, D. C 

and — June to October — 

Drakes Island, tOells, CDaine 

Gordon ©unthorne, CD. A. Oxford, has made a 
lifelong study of prints and has recently formed 
a rare and extensive collection of 17 th, 18 th 
and early 19 th Century prints of Flowers and 
Gardens. <A? "Ghe three following lectures and 
exhibitions are available for Garden Clubs and 
others. cSs 


Old Flower ^Prints and "Books 
from 1730 to 1840 

Illustrated by original old prints, which are 
also for sale, priced from $2 to $75. 

fee $25. oo 


Oxford and its Gardens 

Illustrated by old prints of the 17th to early 
19th Centuries, and by fifty lantern slides. 

Tee $40.oo 


17th and 18th Century 
^Prints of English Gardens 

Illustrated by original prints and fifty lantern 
slides. Fee $50.oo 

A? Ghe above fees do not include travelling 
expenses, hire of lantern or operator. ^ 
"Gravelling expenses to and from tDashington, 
D. C. - October to CDay. During the summer 
months to and from ZDells, CDaine. 

<*> Ghe reproduction on the cover is from an 
engraving by ©avid £oggan, 1675, of M Jesus 
College, Oxford".